IOSH Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Workers


Employers around the world need to ensure workers stay safe at all times. Our globally-recognised core skills course takes just one day, ensures you meet your safety, health and environmental obligations and makes an investment in your people that will be repaid in productivity, profit and brand improvement.Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Workers provides the core knowledge your workers need to stay safe and embeds the good understanding and techniques needed to keep others safe too.
Consider the shocking fact that 60,000 workers die on construction sites every year and that there are 600 work-related accidents – every minute of the day. Hardly surprising, then, that accidents, illness and deaths cost business over £2 trillion annually..

Our first-class course will be delivered by IOSH’s quality-assured network of approved trainers in
an easy-to-understand format.

In short, it’s an essential investment in the safety and wellbeing of your people that will deliver enhanced efficiency and safer sites.

Course Information

The opportunities are global – so are the challenges.

That’s why, as a business-led organisation, we have collaborated with the top-performing global construction firms and safety and health professionals to ensure that this course is entirely fit-for-purpose.

We have considered that you may have a rapid turnover of staff, all with varying levels of understanding about safety and health and a differing range of communication skills.

We have ensured that the practical, jargon-free nature of Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Workers will meet the needs of every learner.

This high-impact one-day course will take delegates through the set-up of a construction site in a relatable scenario that develops as the course progresses. Delegates will understand the importance of:

– Site safety
– Recognising and managing health risks and high risk activities
– Dealing with incidents
– The wider environment

As well as learning to keep themselves safe, delegates will be taught how to spot common hazards and improve safety performance across the site. Safety, Health and Environment for Construction Workers will foster team working and encourage your staff to take responsibility for themselves and their colleagues.

It’s a significant and worthwhile achievement. Successful delegates will be pleased to be awarded an internationally-recognised IOSH certificate and/or passport card.

The course will be contextualised to meet the specific needs of your business. That means your delegates will be able to apply everything they learn to their own day-to-day work.

They will operate at a higher level of competence as a result and you will feel the benefits in terms of reduced levels of accidents and fewer absences through sickness.

Who should attend?

Anyone who works on or around a construction site or has cause to visit the site in the course of their work.
Remember, it is your responsibility to provide your staff with the training to ensure your site is fully compliant with safety, health and environmental regulations.

The deliverables for your business

Consider what a single day of high-quality training could deliver for your organisation:

  • Regulatory compliance – you will meet local safety, health and environment regulations.
  • Greater productivity – you’ll lose fewer hours to sickness and accidents.
  • Enhanced reputation – your customers and partners will want to do business with an ethical business that takes care of its people.
  • Peace of mind – you will go beyond compliance with a course from IOSH and receive globally-recognised, respected and certified training from the Chartered body for safety and health professionals.
  • Training recognised by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme as equivalent to a Level 1 Award
    in Health and Safety in a Construction Environment.


  • We are the global leaders in safety and health training and have the expertise, authority and influence to drive meaningful change in the construction sector.
  • We are international. With members in 130 countries, we have the stature to set standards globally and the knowledge and skills to deliver best practice locally.
  • We are trusted. IOSH is the Chartered body for safety and health and has built an unrivalled reputation for training excellence.
  • We are specialists. There are 13,500 ambitious and committed IOSH members already working to transform the construction industry.
  • We are on your side. IOSH is proud to be business-led and has developed this pioneering course in collaboration with the world’s highest-performing construction organisations.
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