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Course information

A flexible course (minimum 22 hours of face-to-face contact) covering the safety and health management basics in a high-impact interactive package. We offers flexibility to deliver the course over three days with high quality animated graphics created exclusively for the course. IOSH Managing Safely is based on sophisticated but fun presentation, first-class technical content, based on what delegates need to know in practice, No jargon or off-putting legal language, Clear scenarios that managers can relate to and ready-to-use training tools, including films and quizzes.

Who is Managing Safely for?

Managing Safely is for managers and supervisors in any sector, and any organisation. It’s designed to get managers up to speed on the practical actions they need to take to handle safety and health in their teams.

What will they get out of it?

Delegates will learn what they need to know – and are perhaps reluctant to learn about – in a refreshingly informal way. Managing Safely won’t turn delegates into safety experts – but it will give them the knowledge and tools to tackle the safety and health issues they’re responsible for. Importantly, it brings home just why safety and health is such an essential part of their job.

Successful delegates are awarded an IOSH Managing Safely certificate.

What will trainers get out of it?

  • Straightforward, high-quality training designed by a team of specialists.
  • A ready-to-go programme pack-we’ve done the hard work, saving trainers the headache and the hassle.
  • Full back-up from our support team on every aspect of training, from advice on the training environment to guidance on marking assessments.
  • Free technical updates.

What will employers get out of it?

  • Globally-recognised and respected certificated training for their managers and supervisors.
  • Peace of mind offered by training that’s designed and quality-assured by the Chartered body for safety and health professionals.
  • Flexibility – the programme can be delivered in time-slots that suit the business.
  • Two key areas – safety and health– are covered in a single programme.

And the fewer results are?

  • Fewer hours lost due to sickness and accidents, resulting in greater productivity.
  • Proactive staff involvement to improve the workplace.
  • Flexibility – the programme can be delivered in time-slots that suit the business.
  • Enhanced reputation within the supply chain.

IOSH Managing Safely includes;

  • Two films that are embedded within the presentation.
  • Full course presentation, featuring interactive sequences of high-quality animated graphics.
  • Interactive games and quizzes to bring safety and health to life and maximise participation.
  • User-friendly trainer notes (step-by-step guidance on delivering the course).
  • Access to an online platform which enables trainers to deliver the face-to-face course to delegates.
  • A digital bank of assessments and marking papers, including mock papers.
  • User-Delegate workbook with sections for notes and Q&A sessions, and plenty of simple, custom-designed
    illustrations – no clip art!

The whole package fits into a sleek and robust carrying case.

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